Mobile app development

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Android or Apple

Our products are developed in a cross platform universe, which means that the same application can be developed both on Android systems but also on Apple systems. By being compatible with all the peripherals offered by these two major systems (smartphones, tablets). There is therefore no need to develop the same thing twice. For applications requiring a network connection, servers can scale seamlessly from system to system and thus have a single community, no matter what devices the users have.

User experience

A mobile application, whatever its purpose, must meet one absolute condition: be fluid. This is where User Experience (or UX) comes in. All of our applications are designed for the user, they are easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to operate. The user experience is a fundamental step in drafting the specifications for the development of a mobile application. The design can be improved by one or more graphic designers, this will not change the user experience.

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Continuous updates

When signing a contract for the development of a mobile application, it is, from the outset, agreed on an update period after going into production. Once put into production, it is recurrent to have adjustments to make in order to fully meet user expectations.

A project over time

Unlike a website, a mobile application does not happen in a matter of weeks. This is a longer project requiring extra attention as there are many more parameters to consider. The design phase where all these aspects will have to be reviewed is fundamental for us. A project will not start to develop until it is perfectly defined.

Respect for data

Data collection is a hot topic in mobile development today. We only collect the data necessary for the proper functioning of the application. No data is collected by Maestro Créations, only by you, the customer. When setting up client authorizations, everything is done to take only the minimum and respect the privacy of users.

Development of utility applications.

I develop custom mobile applications that have a useful purpose. It's hard to write a text describing the possibilities I can offer you, they are almost endless. From using GPS to a pedometer on a smartphone, anything is possible and everything is doable.

Entertainment development.

A business strategy can be defined by the development of a mobile game. As for the design of a utility application, the possibilities of mobile gaming are immense, I had the pleasure of developing during the first confinement (the one where we were in a good mood but where we were bored) an application NormandYmage puzzle.

Several million mobile applications are published each month in France alone. If your company has a need for a particular application or if you are a development agency, I develop all my Mac / PC / Android software on Unity in C # in order to have cross-platform portability.

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Go live and ASO.

One of the last steps in developing a mobile application is getting the project into production. We can write your presentation page on platforms like Google Play or the Apple Store. This increases the chances of being viewed and downloaded, if that is the purpose of your product. ASO, for App Store Optimization is a new kind of SEO. With millions of apps online, you have to optimize your presentation in order to rank among the best in each category.

We offer this service to improve your visibility on the platforms. We are also your advisers during the deployment of your application, we respond to common issues such as the need to display advertisements, online purchases, make an application available for free or against payment. All these parameters must be taken into account for the production. Our professionalism is here to guide you through the development process as well as these final stages.

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