Custom video games and minigames

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An original video game

Whether you are a museum, a monument, a community, you are always looking for a new interactivity with your visitors. An interactivity that will highlight the concepts present in your establishment. Making a custom-made mini video game brings these concepts to life.

An original idea so that the youngest (and even the not so young) interact with the concepts put forward when visiting your establishment. A made-to-measure video game is an original, unique idea, present exclusively on your premises. It is therefore an added value to your establishment.

Unlimited creativity

The most important advantage when talking about virtual content is the endless possibility of possible combinations and achievements. An escape game, a fortified castle, a view from space, absolutely anything is conceivable. There are no creative restrictions possible in the field of video games. 3D modeling, special effects, development algorithms and user interactions create an addicting and personalized product.

Imagine the children being played on a screen in your establishment while learning the history, the purpose, the life that the place has come to know. This is a possible opportunity these days, which should not be missed.

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Easy to set up

The first impression when thinking about developing a custom video game is the complexity of setting it up so that you can interact with users. This is a false worry. In fact, games can be designed so as not to consume too much performance and thus not require a machine that is too expensive, too big.

It is quite possible to design a personalized mini video game for a small multimedia computer with a touch screen (many models are available today at very affordable prices. reasonable fact). Once the machine (s) are set up, simply start the game. The video game can be designed to repeat in a loop at the end of a game or even never end. It depends on the project, but again anything is possible.

Submit on platforms

If the idea of ​​making a video game for an exclusively local destination does not satisfy you, we also offer uploading on platforms dedicated to the sale of video games. If we can think that Steam is reserved for the "big" games, that's a mistake, all kind of content is available on Steam. From the smallest game to the largest.

We can also develop projects of larger sizes exclusively for these large platforms. We have experience with several games published on Steam, the Steam API which allows interactions between users and their Steam account directly from the game. So there are no limits, once again, to the freedom creative for the realization of your personalized video game.

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Long-term work

A video game, no matter how small, is long-lasting work. Rather comparable to the development of a mobile application, video games are a project where many factors must be taken into account. The goal of the game, its format, the user experience, the graphics and of course the algorithms. All these factors must be worked out and studied before the development itself in order to avoid any surprises. Video game projects are therefore large projects, lasting several months, you should be aware of this before embarking on them.

Development and delivery

At Maestro Creations, a project is finished when it is delivered, it is only delivered when it is working. For 7 years, we have been proud to be 95% of the time on schedule. During the study of the project, an agenda is given to you so that you can prepare for the delivery of such a project. This schedule will be respected, and at each major step, a prototype or a presentation will be made to you so that you can visualize the progress of your future personalized video game. It will not be put into production until all the elements determined during the feasibility study are operational.

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Video game developed

Nigel's Journey: A Working Day is a first-person shooter game developed on Steam.

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